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Postby miguelsz2 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:45 pm

Although we arent to strict please abide by these simple rules....

Dont bug us about release dates.
-Seriously we'll inform you when we're about to release a chapter.
-We wont keep you in the dark I promise!

Be Respectful
-No Bashing!
-No Trolling!!
-No Flaming!!!

-Dont text talk and/or l33t speak. (OmlG u PWn'd)
-Dont spam!

-Dont use anything thats too over-the-top...

Keep it....Moderately clean.
-Cussing fine and all just dont go overboard.
-Dont post Hentai, just dont!... Ecchi's fine though.
We all suffer the same pains and we all feel the same pleasures.

Fight those who are willing to oppress you, Respect those who are willing to lead you.
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